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Madeleine Tabacchiera – eLearning Support

Madeleine is a graduate from Monash University. She completed a double degree in a Bachelor of Secondary Education (honours) and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Music and a minor in Drama/ Performance.

Her honour’s research was on the effectiveness of kinaesthetic learning in a secondary school setting being that one of her passions is student engagement in the classroom.

Madeleine has found that technology is an effective pedagogical tool for student engagement and is passionate about empowering teachers to use this effectively. She has since become a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer, educating teachers on how they can use technology in their classrooms to enhance student engagement, increase productivity for busy teachers and enable a more collaborative classroom space. She has also worked with schools in incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their curriculum to increase immersive and experiential learning opportunities for students.

Madeleine has worked closely with schools assisting in the set-up, roll out and use of various Learning Management Systems such as Schoolbox and SIMON. This includes running professional development sessions as well as working one on one with teachers.

She is highly passionate about teaching and learning and is constantly looking to learn new things with the challenge this year of teaching herself to speak Mandarin on top of already being able to speak Italian.

She is also highly passionate about music and has a broad range of music interests including many genres and instruments.

She has an interest in nutrition and health and is obsessed with dogs and cats having two dogs of her own and previously working in a pet store being surrounded by adoption cats and running puppy pre-school classes.

Madeleine is an incredible addition to the Step Fwd IT team, and looks forward to working together with the staff and customers alike.