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Heyns Ferreira – Senior Engineer

Heyns Ferreira is an IT enthusiast and senior network engineer. After reaching as far as he could go as a barista, he moved to make his passion his career. Since he can remember he was always dismantling and rebuilding all things electrical. Yes, his parents where never pleased.

He started his IT career as a computer builder, moving onto a traineeship to gain the crucial industry experience in enterprise systems.

His proactive approach sees him taking a tight grasp on his client’s infrastructure, taking ownership of the environments he looks after. This takes the responsibility of IT away from the clients, so that they can spend their time doing what they are great at.

He has experience in planning, building and supporting the information systems of varying industries and organisation sizes; ranging from Medical, Real Estate, Dealership, Retail, Hospitality and many more.

Heyns’ attention to detail, as well as being a clean freak, allows him to create simple and clean environments. When it comes to his support, he is always open and honest with exactly what is required.

He is fluent in English and Afrikaans, currently studying his Bachelors in information systems (Major in Information Security) and continually broadening his knowledge through short courses and certifications.